Announcing Darwin’s Beagles!

February 5, 2007

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new blog meant to jump-start the discussion of evolution among Rutgers University undergraduates. About a year ago I was taking a course that required me to teach 5th grade public elementary school students, but upon electing to teach a lesson on whale evolution I was told that the topic was far too controversial to be incorporated in the classroom. Growing up accepting evolution as scientific fact, I was put-off with the censorship of my lesson plan and so I started reading every book on the topic of evolution, intelligent design, and creationism I could get my hands on. Indeed, the first book I picked up was Jonathan Wells’ polemic Icons of Evolution, and instead of turning me against evolution it made me dive further into the evidence and debate surrounding the constant changes of life since it first arose on the planet.

Now 9 months after I first started reading Icons the debate seems just as hot as ever, creationists still fuming over the Kitzmiller vs. Dover and evolutionists attempting to take the offensive in order to educate the public about what evolution is. This blog (hopefully) will be part of the “evolution intitative,” providing concerned undergraduates submit their thoughts, contemplations, and understandings of evolution and the evolving controversy that surrounds it. Huxley may have been “Darwin’s Bulldog” and Dawkins “Darwin’s Rottweiler,” but we are still just pups by comparison, hence the name “Darwin’s Beagles.” Although this space will be open to any undergraduate or up contributions (at the discernment of the editors, of course) this hopefully will be a website for and by the concerned Rutgers undergraduate community. New Jersey has always been considered a “Blue State” where conflicts over evolution have typically been out of the public eye, but with the recent events that have unfolded in Kearny, as well as school systems quietly banning evolution from classrooms New Jersey is most certainly not as secure in science as was once supposed. I have grown tired with the apathy that surrounds me involving this subject, many people choosing simply not to think about it and engage in relativism rather than face the issues at hand. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but not all beliefs or criticisms are correct, and it is the aim of this blog to attempt to reach out to my fellow undergraduates who are concerned with the slackening state of science in the United States and elsewhere. Hopefully this blog should fully launch with articles from various students in the coming weeks, but until such time please view my own writings at http://laelaps.wordpress.com. Best regards,

Brian Switek
5th year Ecology & Evolution undergrad
Rutgers University, Cook College, NJ


One comment

  1. Yeah! Keep up the great work! This blog is a great idea.

    I am reading Richard Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale right now and it is great. Have you read it?


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