Darwin’s Beagles now on Facebook!

February 10, 2007

So far the response to Darwin’s Beagles has been, well, underwhelming, so I’ve launched a new Facebook group to hopefully get some members/contributors. If you want to add it on your profile, you can find it here.



  1. By even attempting this, you do us proud! You give me reason to hope.

  2. Cool! I am perhaps behind the times a bit, are you on My Space?

  3. Sorry for the late reply Sarda, but no, I didn’t post a myspace profile for the group. Myspace has become a nest of sexually-charged ads, spam messages, and other nonsense that I don’t think would really help the group become more visible. With the semester almost over I don’t have very high hopes for this year, but maybe over the summer or next fall there will be more interest.

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