Opening up

February 20, 2007

After some contemplation and encouragement, I’ve decided to open Darwin’s Beagles up to the larger Rutgers community, including graduate students, post docs, and faculty members. Contributors from other schools are still encouraged to submit, hopefully spurring chapters of Darwin’s Beagles in different locations across the country, but I’ll deal with that when and if it arises. In any event, please, link to us or help spread the word. I happened across Cornell’s intelligent design club, IDEA, today, wondering how so many of the “top” schools in the nation could have active intelligent design groups but no groups based in empirical science to answer their claims. Perhaps there are, but it is becoming increasingly important for scientists to speak up about evolution and it’s importance to biology, and I’m hoping to start that change right here and now at Rutgers. I’m still awaiting submissions, so as always please contact me at b_switek@yahoo.com to contribute.


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