About Darwin’s Beagles

“Darwin’s Beagles” are a group of undergraduate students primarily from Rutgers University, NJ that seek to bring greater understanding about evolution and its implications in science, philosophy, and society to the public and college communities. The blog and group were launched on February 5th, 2007 by undergraduate Ecology & Evolution student Brian Switek as an extension of his Laelaps blog, hoping to stir student involvement in the “long argument” that is evolution. The views presented on this blog are those of the writers, and while the group recognizes evolution as fact there are many controversial aspects of “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea,” thus each work is meant to provoke thought and discussion, not represent the consensus of the group on every matter.

Interested in joining, contributing, or commenting? Contact Brian Switek at b_switek@yahoo.com

As of 02/05/2007 Darwin’s Beagles are:

Brian Switek, 5th year student, Rutgers University, Cook College – Ecology & Evolution

A note about the banner: The banner for this blog comes from a picture of Zeff, a 13-year old female Amur Tiger at the WCS-run Bronx Zoo. It is copyrighted to Brian Switek.


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